Unplugged welcomes latest digital detox cabin near Manchester


Unplugged, the UK’s pioneering ‘digital detox escape’ amidst nature, proudly unveils its latest addition to the serene landscape of the Cheshire region. Nestled in the picturesque Dee Valley, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Marley is the 18th cabin to grace Unplugged’s esteemed portfolio, offering an idyllic sanctuary for tired, busy, and burnt-out individuals, solo travellers, and couples seeking solace in nature’s embrace.

Situated a mere 2-hour drive from Manchester, Marley beckons weary urbanites to unplug, unwind, and rejuvenate amidst nature’s tranquillity. Since April of this year, Unplugged has enjoyed an awe-inspiring 90+% occupancy rate per month, a testament to the increasing number of individuals seeking travel experiences that prioritize well-being and holistic rejuvenation.

Upon arrival at Marley and all of Unplugged’s cabins, guests are presented with a unique and enticing proposition—to liberate themselves from the chains of digital distractions. They have the option to secure their digital devices safely in a lockbox for a minimum of three nights. In return, Unplugged provides them with an old-school Nokia mobile phone, complete with the nostalgic game Snake, evoking a simpler era. Moreover, guests receive a physical map that beckons them to explore the scenic surroundings of the Dee Valley. Immersed in the natural beauty, they are encouraged to engage with their surroundings and savour precious moments.

But that’s not all; Unplugged takes its commitment to mindfulness a step further by gifting guests an instant camera complete with film. This tactile device encourages them to capture moments, turning them into tangible memories that don’t just live on a screen but within their hearts. By disconnecting from the digital world and embracing the tangible, guests embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

Scientifically, it takes approximately 72 hours to fully immerse oneself in the benefits of a digital detox. Throughout their stay, guests at Marley will experience the transformative effects of disconnecting from screens. From better sleep and enhanced focus to increased productivity and improved relationships due to quality time spent together, the rewards of a digital detox are bountiful. Unshackled by constant notifications, they can tap into their inner creativity and indulge in the luxury of daydreaming.

Unplugged’s Marley cabin, with its enchanting surroundings and thoughtful amenities, provides the perfect backdrop for individuals to reset and realign their priorities. As the demands of modern life continue to accelerate, the allure of escaping to nature’s embrace for mindful rejuvenation grows stronger. The Dee Valley, with its awe-inspiring natural beauty, offers a soothing respite from the chaos of urban living.

With Marley joining Unplugged’s distinguished portfolio, the digital detox escape continues to beckon travellers to rediscover the joys of being present, unplugging from screens, and connecting with the world around them. The allure of wellness travel shines bright, and Unplugged stands at the forefront of this transformative journey to nurture the mind, body, and soul.