Chopstix Unveils Limited Edition “Smoky Seoul Chicken” Inspired by South Korean Delights

A brand new menu item is due to land in the nation’s favourite noodle bar, Chopstix,

Get ready to embark on a tantalizing journey through the flavors of South Korean cuisine as Chopstix, the nation’s favorite noodle bar, unveils its latest menu sensation, the “Smoky Seoul Chicken,” set to launch in August.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and flavorful delights of South Korea, the Smoky Seoul Chicken is a mouth-watering fusion of smoky Korean-inspired spices, delectable peppers, and tantalizing fried onions. Bursting with authentic taste, this limited edition dish will be available across all Chopstix locations in the UK.

Joining the esteemed Chopstix menu, which boasts other signature favorites such as Caramel Drizzle Chicken, Teriyaki Beef, and Salt ‘n’ Pepper Chicken, the Smoky Seoul Chicken is set to captivate taste buds and win hearts with its exceptional blend of Pan-Asian flavors.

Rob Burns, Marketing Director for Chopstix, expressed his excitement for this new Korean-inspired addition. “We invest heavily in recipe research and development, and this dish is something we’ve had in the pipeline for a while, listening to customer research and demand from some of our most loyal supporters,” he shared.

As the perfect summer addition to the menu, the Smoky Seoul Chicken offers a delightful medley of distinctive smoky flavors that are sure to captivate diners. With a commitment to delivering a faster, fresher, and tastier alternative to high street dining, Chopstix continues to be a go-to destination for those seeking boxed fresh flavor.

Having recently celebrated its 100th store opening, Chopstix has solidified its position as one of the most beloved high street noodle brands in the UK. Beyond the physical stores, the noodle bar’s popular dishes are also available for delivery via Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Just Eat, making it even more convenient for fans to savor their favorite flavors.

With a plethora of deals and bundles available, Chopstix allows guests to customize their dishes with a variety of toppings, offering a true taste of the best of Pan-Asian cuisine.

Indulge in the smoky and delectable goodness of the Smoky Seoul Chicken, an exciting addition to Chopstix’s culinary offerings. Whether you’re dining in-store or ordering for delivery, this limited edition dish promises to be a mouth-watering inclusion to an already delicious menu. Don’t miss the chance to embark on a sumptuous gastronomic adventure with Chopstix’s Smoky Seoul Chicken, a dish crafted to delight and satisfy all noodle enthusiasts.