East Meets West: Wagamama and Willy’s Pies Launch Fusion Pies

East Meets West: Wagamama and Willy's Pies Launch Fusion Pies

Wagamama and Willy’s Pies are rolling out a fusion of two of the nation’s favourite dishes, the Chicken Katsu Pie, and a plant-based pie with Mushroom, Kimchee and Edamame in 19 locations across the UK – including Manchester! The iconic partnership with the East London pastry genius was originally launched in wagamama’s noodle lab restaurant and will be available for a limited time only.

Born during lockdown, Willy’s Pies celebrates the British traditional art of pie making, tapping into the comfort, nostalgia and satisfaction that good pies offer. The partnership between wagamama and Willy’s Pies is the latest in a series of surprising and innovative fusions that have been popping up all over the food scene in recent months. Bringing culinary excellence to the table, Founder and head chef at Willy’s Pies Will Lewis boasts a Michelin star resume, having served dishes at some of London’s finest dining establishments including Brat and St John.

In this unique collaboration, these pioneers in food have come together to marry two iconic dishes and invent a future cult classic. Centred around wagamama’s iconic katsu sauce, Willy’s Pies have packaged the legendary sauce within a flaky, indulgent pastry. Inside, the pie is filled with succulent chicken and fresh vegetables. The pie is paired with wagamama’s zingy katsu side salad and ‘pink pickles’.

Following the success of the Chicken Katsu Pie, it’s joined on the menu by its plant-powered peer, the Mushroom, Kimchee and Edamame PieWilly’s Pies and Steve Mangleshot, wagamama’s Global Executive Chef have created pastry magic, packing bold Asian flavours inside a vegan, flaky crust. The pie is full of smoky king oyster mushrooms, rich diced aubergine and fresh edamame beans, coated in an indulgent and satisfying spicy curry sauce. On top, the pie is then encrusted with tangy kimchi for the ultimate flavour bomb.

The mash-up will be available in 19 restaurants across the UK. Guests will be able to get their hands on the pies in locations including specific sites in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Cardiff, Reading, Brighton, Southend and Chelmsford.*

Not only are Willy’s Pies and wagamama placing the pies on menus, but they’re also taking them on the ‘Where’s Willy’ tour. Starting 29th February in Reading, the tour will be surprising and delighting pastry fans with free samples across the UK over two weeks. wagamama will be handing out tasters of the pies in ten lucky locations. The Where’s Willy Tour will be visiting major cities including London, Southend, Reading, Cardiff, Brighton, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester. Dates to be announced, keep an eye on social media.

Global Executive Chef, Steve Mangleshot comments, “It was a lot of fun working with the brilliant Will Lewis and the Willy’s Pies team back in November when we created the Chicken Katsu Pie for noodle lab. We’re thrilled to be bringing this iconic hybrid and its new vegan counterpart to wagamama’s across the UK. Collaborating with leading innovators like Willy and experimenting with talk-worthy dishes keeps wagamama relevant and fresh.”

Founder of Willy’s Pies, Will Lewis comments, “We’re so pleased to be working with wagamama again – a lot of hard work and careful consideration has gone into making these pies taste as great as they do. We wanted to make something fun and innovative, without compromising on the flavour or quality Willy’s Pies is known for. We’re so excited to take these on tour and see what the rest of the nation thinks!”

wagamama has worked with local Glaswegian artist, Trackie McLeod who has designed a custom artwork for the Where’s Willy tour bus and a window vinyl for the Glasgow City Centre restaurant which includes the phrase ‘say aye to a pie’.

As part of wagamama’s ongoing commitment to supporting their local communities, along with Willy’s Pies, they are partnering with local football teams from across the UK.