New immersive gamebox experience, ‘Black Mirror Careers,’ can determine your future


AI is set to take over the world. Human professions are to be rendered obsolete. A dystopian existence is in our near future. But fear not, Black Mirror Careers, powered by Immersive Gamebox, is here to help.

Launching in Immersive Gamebox venues across the UK on February 27th, Black Mirror Careers promises to help those smart enough to invest in their future. Locations include: London Southbank, London Shoreditch, Gravity Wandsworth, Gravity One – Liverpool, Gravity Xscape – Yorkshire, Manchester Arndale and Lakeside, Essex. What will be the next exciting step in their professional journey and, ultimately, their new role in society?

Step inside the Gamebox and enrol in Black Mirror Careers’ assessment programme, participating in a series of precisely calibrated tests and challenges designed to measure each participant’s reasoning, communication and leadership skills. Challenges including mazes, shape-building and 3D virtual paddleball and can be played in groups of two to six players.

Gather with friends for a glimpse into the future, working as a team, taking on challenges and facing judgment together to see who is destined for life as a door-to-door NFT salesperson? A human pet for advanced AI? A security guard for the last tree in the Amazon? Anything is possible and the Gamebox has the answers.
Created in partnership with media and entertainment powerhouse Banijay, the team behind the hit sci-fi TV series Black Mirror, Black Mirror Careers will use Immersive Gamebox’s unique technology, which includes projection mapping, 3D motion tracking and surround sound, to fully immerse players into the experience.

Immersive Gamebox founder and CEO Will Dean said: “Black Mirror Careers gives both fans of the TV show and people new to the concept a chance to experience a fully imagined dystopian universe in a fun and exciting way. The Black Mirror Careers experience explores some really dark concepts with tongue-in-cheek humour and a playful twist, and we think audiences will love it.”

Banijay represents a range of global ancillary rights for the Black Mirror brand. Created by Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, the critically acclaimed dystopian drama taps into our collective unease with the modern world. Each stand-alone episode is a sharp, suspenseful tale exploring themes of contemporary techno-paranoia.
Suitable for ages 16 and up, Black Mirror Careers will be available to play across all 6 UK locations from February 27th. Tickets start at £34.

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