Leeds named UK’s third most traffic plagued city


Data reveals there are now an additional 3.8 billion vehicles passing through Leeds every year.

In the last 30 years, road traffic has increased dramatically across the UK with many residents seeing their towns and cities suffer from regular traffic jams, slow rush hour speeds and many vehicles on the roads.

Most recently residents nationwide have expressed their concerns about council schemes to introduce low-traffic neighbourhoods which were designed to reduce traffic in local areas but may have caused the opposite outcome.

With this in mind, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts conducted a study to discover which towns and cities in the UK are being plagued the most by traffic and are sharing tips and advice for nervous drivers being impacted by busy traffic conditions.

The results reveal that Leeds is the UK’s third most traffic-plagued city. The region has seen a whopping 117% increase in vehicles on the road in 29 years.

The road traffic in Leeds has soared from an estimated 3.2 billion vehicles driving across the city’s roads during 1993 to 7.0 billion in 2022.

There are now 638 registered vehicles per thousand residents meaning
almost three-quarters of locals have a vehicle of some kind on the roads.

The top 5 cities most impacted by traffic in the UK:

1. Peterborough
2. Conwy
3. Leeds
4. Bournemouth
5. Swansea