Introducing SevenYays: Manchester’s Family-Run Business Revolutionising Gifting with Innovative Countdown Calendars

Introducing SevenYays: A Family-Run Business Revolutionising Gifting with Innovative Countdown Calendars

A captivating and dynamic family enterprise, SevenYays, has emerged as a trailblazing force in the gifting industry. Established in Walkden, Manchester in 2021, SevenYays has surged ahead with an impressive record of 20,000 orders fulfilled since its inception, approaching the remarkable milestone of £1 million in sales.

Founded by the visionary duo Andrew and Charlotte Staal, the inception of SevenYays stems from a simple yet profound question posed by their daughter, Anna Staal: “Why don’t we have advent calendars for birthdays?” This innovative concept gave birth to SevenYays, a pioneering brand that is reshaping the art of gifting.

At the heart of the SevenYays concept lies the SevenYays Countdown Calendar – a treasure trove of joy containing seven carefully curated gifts, each concealed behind a beautifully adorned door. This distinctive approach allows individuals to bestow not just a momentary gift, but an entire week of delightful surprises.

How it Works:

Craft Your Own Experience: Delve into the expansive array of over 400 options to tailor your very own SevenYays Countdown Calendar, a bespoke gesture that resonates on a personal level.

Elegant Diversity: Choose from an enchanting selection of four box designs that align with varied preferences, each accompanied by a complimentary greeting card to add a heartfelt touch.

Instant Elegance: Alternatively, explore the range of 25 pre-designed Ready Made boxes, catering to a diverse audience – even the most discerning recipients like that elusive Uncle. With prices ranging from £35 to £45, SevenYays ensures there’s a box for everyone.

For those seeking in-depth insights into the creative journey of small and independent business ownership, or wishing to spotlight the pioneering family behind SevenYays, we welcome you to reach out. The story behind SevenYays is a captivating narrative that chronicles the transformation of a fifteen-year-old’s vision into a thriving family venture.

From commemorating birthdays to celebrating anniversaries and indulging in self-care revelations, SevenYays introduces a revolutionary approach to gifting. Designed for individuals of all walks of life – be it cherished friends, beloved mothers, or the notoriously challenging Uncle – SevenYays offers the flexibility to either curate a bespoke selection from a plethora of 400 choices or opt for the convenience of a Ready Made box, spanning themes from ‘Seven Days of Birthday Fun’ to ‘Seven Days of Spa.’

Elevating the ethos of ethical sourcing, all gifts showcased by SevenYays are ethically procured, while packaging materials are sourced sustainably, made fully recyclable, and locally manufactured within the UK. Featuring an assortment of four exquisite box designs, SevenYays pledges to cater to diverse tastes.

Dedicated to championing independent brands and proudly embodying an independent identity, SevenYays stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit. Conceived in 2021 by the dynamic partnership of Andrew and Charlotte Staal, SevenYays’ inception was ignited by the curiosity of their daughter, Anna Staal, who questioned the absence of birthday-themed advent calendars.

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