Beavertown Brewery Unveils UV Beer Mat Adventure in Manchester this Bank Holiday

Beavertown Brewery Unveils UV Beer Mat Adventure this Bank Holiday

The Great British Pub Walk Takes an Exciting Twist with Beavertown Brewery’s UV Beer Mat Adventure

This bank holiday, the great British pub walk is set to receive a dose of the bizarre and enchanting as Beavertown Brewery introduces a captivating element at an unexpected location within Manchester.

Throughout the extended weekend, the brewery will replace its traditional beer mats with innovative UV-activated versions. When held up to sunlight, these unique beer mats unveil a series of hidden routes that lead patrons on an extraordinary journey to concealed destinations, including ancient burial sites and stone circles.

Research undertaken by the brewery has revealed that an astonishing 72% of Mancunians have a fondness for local rambles. However, it appears that they are missing out on historical landmarks within their own city, with 59% admitting their unawareness of these significant sites.

The fresh beer mats, discreetly placed at the Turing Tap, will encourage pub-goers to embrace the outdoors during this bank holiday and unearth the hidden historical narratives of Manchester.

“We all enjoy incorporating a ‘pint stop’ into a leisurely walk with friends,” says Tom Rainsford, Marketing Director of Beavertown Brewery. “Our research indicates that nearly half of Mancunians (47%) relish a pub visit after a stroll. This bank holiday, we’re adding an air of mystique and legend to your pub walk with our UV beer maps. So, don your walking boots, finish your pint of Neck Oil, and uncover the secret maps nestled in your local pubs, which are just a glimpse of what you can explore in your hometown this weekend.”

Beavertown’s UV beer maps will also make their debut at select participating pubs in Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Bath, and Glasgow during the August Bank Holiday weekend. Each purchase of a pint of Beavertown’s Neck Oil IPA from Saturday, August 25th to Monday, August 28th will include a complimentary UV beer mat, available while supplies last.

If you’re unable to visit the pub, you can still explore the Manchester route:

Turing Tap – Manchester Route