Ancient pie recreated by award-winning chef for British Pie Week

A MEDIEVAL pie which would once have been feasted upon by the monks of Furness Abbey has been recreated by a gourmet chef.

A medieval pie which would once have been feasted upon by the monks of Furness Abbey has been recreated by a gourmet chef.

Koken wan Honer pie, filled with chicken, crumbled bacon and seasoned with saffron, was a favourite at banquets of the middle ages.

Now the delectable dish has been brought to life in 2019 by AA rosette-winning chef Ashley Wood from Oscar’s Bar and Restaurant, at Abbey House Hotel and Gardens.

Ashley said he was proud to add a recipe with such local and historical significance to the menu at Oscar’s to celebrate British Pie Week.

“Koken wan Honer pie is the result of some careful research into what is likely to have been served on important occasions at neighbouring Furness Abbey, known to have been one of the grandest and most important buildings of the middle ages.

“The recipe might be five centuries old, but the flavours are still incredible. The chefs at the time would have used only the finest and freshest ingredients for important guests. It remains just as delicious to this day.”

Pies were a popular meal in the middle ages. The pastry provided a handy cooking, carrying and serving case for a hearty filling in a time long before wrap, plastic containers or refrigerators existed.

Furness Abbey, one of the richest in the country during the 1500s, would have hosted banquets for important guests and prosperous abbots. Priceless treasures have been discovered buried within its grounds on several occasions.

Ashley added: “Everyone loves a pie, it’s an icon of British cuisine, but we wanted to find a unique way to celebrate British Pie Week at Oscar’s.

“We’re looking forward to serving Koken wan Honer to our guests next week and bringing a little bit of Barrow’s ancient history to life.”

British Pie Week takes place from Monday, March 4 until Sunday, March 10. The pie will be on sale in Oscars for the whole of March.

Amazing pie facts

Pies – or pyes – are first thought to have been consumed in England in the 12th century.

The ancient term for the pastry around a filling was a coffyn or coffin.

Controversy surrounds the definition of a pie. Some believe a filling has to be entirely encased in pastry to be defined as a pie, while others believe the criteria is fulfilled with a simple pastry topping.

Britain spends an estimated £1 billion on pies every year.

The world’s largest shaving cream pie fight took place in Ulverston, Cumbria, with 1,180 participants at Ford Park on June 18, 2016