World’s First Seaweed Florist Opens For Valentine’s Day

First Seaweed Florist Opens

Lovingly picked out weeks in advance (having wheedled out hints as to the recipients’ favourite petals and scents) or grabbed hastily from a petrol station on the way home, a bunch of flowers is an enduring Valentine’s Day staple. For those who find a fistful of roses to be a saccharine cliché, The Kraken Rum has an alternative offering: the world’s first seaweed bouquets.


While bouquets made of ‘kombu kelp’ and ‘egg wrack’ from the Irish Sea don’t fit the traditional notions of floral romantic gesture, The Kraken’s stunning seaweed arrangements, brought to life by renowned florists Rebel Rebel, will give any ‘normal’ Valentine’s bouquet a run for its money.


The seaweed bouquets can be ordered online and arrive to the door as a finish at home kit – for recipients to arrange the salty selection into the ultimate gesture of algae-themed affection.


Each box shipped by The Kraken Rum will also contain miniature bottles of Kraken Rum and ingredients for a seaweed cocktail to make this the tastiest arts and crafts session of the season.


Those plagued with flimsy flatpack flashbacks need not panic when it comes to following instructions for building fancy arrangements or mixing cocktails – each box comes with a QR code directing to handy videos walking through the steps for the uninitiated and green fingered alike.


The Beast’s Valentine’s Day kit will come with ingredients for the KrakeNori, a delicious cocktail inspired by the deep containing Kraken Rum, red chilli, peach jam, dried Nori, lemon juice and grapefruit soda.