Vapoura Premium English Rum Launches In The UK


Vapoura, the brand new premium English rum brand, is launching two expressions, gold and spiced, nationwide. Vapoura’s elegant liquid has been crafted through ground-breaking distillation techniques* in the heart of England. Born out of a passion for and celebration of the sugar-cane spirit’s rich, diverse history and mystique, Vapoura is the ultimate rum for the bold, who’s bounds have no limits.

Traditionally untraditional, Vapoura champions boldness in innovation and the curation of astounding blends that introduce a variety of complex and beautiful notes to the palette. Both expressions are testament to this, each being painstakingly refined to maximise the building blocks of sensory delight beyond the bottle. The result – a truly unique and sippable spirit.

With the overall rum category up by 83.5% in 2023 so far**, Vapoura is spearheading the rise of the ‘Rum Renaissance’. Taking its unique name from the ‘vapourer moth’,  an ode to beauty emerging from darkness, Vapoura is igniting excitement within rum aficionados old and new and seeks to broaden and brighten the category in a way discerning drinkers haven’t experienced before.

  • Vapoura Spiced Rum is a true masterclass in alchemy. Bound together by a symphony of colliding flavours and spices, this expression is the embodiment of bold. From citrus notes of blood orange that are complemented with fresh turmeric and cracked black cardamom, the Vapoura spiced rum is a scintillating combination of botanicals and turns what we once thought about the true quality of spiced rum on its head.
  • Vapoura Golden Rum is unique in its refinement and elegance. Its molasses base ensures depth of flavour and its fermentation is via a unique yeast strain method. Distilled in small batches using traditional copper pot stills, a velvety liquid with a taunting finish is produced. With a swirl of vanilla and a hint of tobacco and chocolate, top notes of vanilla and caramel bring this golden experience to a lingering close.

Offering avant-garde blends Vapoura is perfect for sipping neat, or as the ultimate ingredients to elevate classic or newly concocted cocktails to new heights. A true masterclass in the art of rum-making and a celebration of the pursuit of perfection, Vapoura is passionately revitalising the rum experience, daring drinkers to broaden boundaries and live audaciously with every sip and serve.

Charles Barkley, CEO and Co-Founder of Vapoura Rum, commented: “After years of painstaking refinement, we are immensely proud to finally introduce Vapoura to the public. We embody a genuinely premium rum experience, that is 100% produced and developed on English soil – a rarity in the rum sector. Selecting the right notes and ingredients to elevate the raw molasses has been perfected by our Master Distiller Dr John Walters, affectionately known as The Rum Wizard, and has opened our eyes to the sheer quality of rum Vapoura is able to create. Combining a traditionally artisanal approach with our proprietary distillation process, we are so proud to say that we have created a liquid that truly speaks for itself. Bringing a renewed purpose and passion for experimentation to the ever-admired rum category – we can’t wait to get it in people’s hands”