Simply Be Unveils Empowering Murals in Manchester to Champion Inclusive Fashion and Body Positivity

Simply Be Unveils Empowering Murals in Manchester to Champion Inclusive Fashion and Body Positivity

In a powerful statement against badly fitting clothes and to promote body inclusivity, Simply Be, the inclusive fashion empire, has launched its latest campaign titled ‘Serious About Shape.’ The campaign aims to show women of all sizes that they deserve well-fitted clothing that complements their unique body shapes.

To kick off the campaign in its headquarters’ hometown, Simply Be unveiled two remarkable 36ft murals in Manchester. These murals cover an impressive 297 sqm of wall space across two buildings on the corner of Thomas Street, making it one of the largest mural canvases in the UK and the biggest Manchester has ever seen.

The captivating murals depict five women wearing the same pair of jeans, each showcasing their own unique body shape. Created by Mural Republic Ltd and Kinetic, six talented artists worked tirelessly over five days to bring the artwork to life, using over 100 cans of paint, including special colours replicating denim. These magnificent murals will remain on display until the 30th of July.

The artwork serves as a powerful representation of Simply Be’s core brand purpose – to create fashion that is inclusive for all women and prioritize their needs over industry standards. The campaign comes as a response to a survey conducted by the brand, which revealed that 99% of women feel frustrated with inconsistent sizing in the fashion industry, with 92% agreeing that ill-fitting clothes can hinder their personal style.

The public unveiling of the murals is set to take place on Thursday, 13th July on Thomas Street, with the participation of local size-inclusive influencers Isobel Greenfield and Ellie Buckles (@izand.el). They will be handing out goody bags to passersby, which will include a 25% discount code and other treats.

Sinead Donohoe, Head of Marketing at Simply Be, expressed the importance of finding the right fit for every woman’s unique body shape. The murals aim to inspire and encourage women to realize that the fault lies with the clothing, not themselves. With this powerful campaign, Simply Be is taking a stand for body positivity, inclusivity, and empowerment, and hopes to drive a positive change in the fashion industry’s approach to sizing and fit.