Sheffield’s Gameshow All-Stars Unveils Golden Ticket Quest in City Centre

Sheffield's Gameshow All-Stars Unveils Golden Ticket Quest in City Centre

Sheffield’s city centre is transformed into a treasure hunt adventure as Gameshow All-Stars introduces an exclusive quest. 500 elusive Golden Tickets are hidden throughout Sheffield, turning every corner and alley into a potential discovery. These lucky finders gain free admission to Gameshow All-Stars’ venue in Orchard Square, offering a unique blend of food, drinks, and interactive game shows inspired by popular TV classics.

Sheffield, calling all friends, family, and seekers of entertainment! The magic of the game show world has come alive in Sheffield City Centre as Gameshow All-Stars unveils a once-in-a-lifetime quest that offers an opportunity like no other. 500 shimmering Golden Tickets have been ingeniously hidden throughout the city, waiting to be discovered by those with a sprinkle of curiosity and luck on their side. 

From the bustling squares that intersect streets to the cosy corners of charming cafes, from the lush green parks to the lively bars that echo with laughter, these golden tickets can be found absolutely anywhere in Sheffield City Centre.  The hunt for these captivating prizes promises to turn every corner into a quest, every alley into an adventure, and every moment into a memory waiting to be made.

Gameshow All-Stars, the ingenious minds behind this enchanting escapade, are thrilled to invite you to join in the excitement and buzz as they get closer to their opening in September. Holders of these illustrious Golden Tickets will be granted the extraordinary privilege of free admission to the venue located in Orchard Square, the first of its kind – players can enjoy great food and drink while playing high-tech, competitive games that take inspiration from some of the nation’s favourite game shows, including Countdown, Wheel of Fortune, Who wants to be a millionaire?, and more! So, instead of shouting the answers at the TV, players can truly test their knowledge, skill and luck like never before. 

“We wanted to create an experience that brings out the childlike excitement in all of us,” shares Aaron Giles, the visionary mastermind behind Gameshow All-Stars. “We hope to inspire a sense of adventure and anticipation for the people of Sheffield by hiding these tickets, and creating an experience that encapsulates what Gameshow All-Stars is all about”. 

The search for the Golden Tickets begins on Thursday the 7th of September, and the magic will continue until all the tickets have found their rightful owners. Keep your senses sharp and your eyes open, for who knows what marvellous surprises await those who dare to seek them.

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