Send Noods: The Cheeky New Ramen Shop Launching at Foodie Haven Macclesfield Picturedrome


Independent craft ramen shop Send Noods is launching at foodie haven Macclesfield Picturedrome tomorrow, Tuesday March 7th.


The new food venture, which recently launched on OnlyFans, is spearheaded by Asian food expert Vinny Yu and Manchester hospitality legend Ross Mackenzie, is opening its first kitchen in the Macclesfield food market, and has its sights set on opening many more ramen shops across the region over the next couple of years.


Send Noods ramen is built around a small menu of delicious and authentic flavours, with each dish delivered to perfection. Fresh and seasonal ingredients are at the centre of Send Noods’ ethos with a menu that changes according to the availability of the very best produce.


Vinny Yu, co-founder of Send Noods, said: “Asian restaurants often make the mistake of listing too many dishes on the menu but I prefer to offer a perfectly curated menu of hero dishes that are consistently great and that diners will come back to enjoy time and time again.


“We aim to have fun at Send Noods too – at a time where we all need cheering up we will not only have ramen on the menu, but cocktails and a hint of cheekiness also.


“The food is simple but tastes amazing, it’s a menu we have been perfecting for some time. Ramen has been one of my favourite dishes since I was a child, my parents cooked it a lot so I have very fond memories of it, it’s comfort food for me.


“We have had massive interest in Macclesfield as we have been preparing to launch, which has shown us that diners are ready for us.  We have big plans to roll out Send Noods ramen shops across Manchester and beyond so are keen to make a great impression at the Picturedrome.”


The cheekily named noodle bar will offer guests a choice of four ramen dishes, including a veggie and vegan option, along with five small plates including classic Japanese flavours such as Edamame beans with a sweet chilli glaze, Karaage chicken with a sweet chilli garlic mayo and Pumpkin korokke.


Ramen is a noodle soup dish that is now one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Ramen restaurants, or ramen-ya, can be found in virtually every corner of the country and produce a wide variety of regional variations of this much-loved noodle dish.


Send Noods will offer four authentic broths; the classic Shoyu, a spicy creamy noodle variation called Tan Tan, Tori curry broth and a vegan Miso broth.


Ross Mackenzie, said; “Vinny and I travel a lot both in the UK and across the world and have both been fascinated by the noodle bars we have come across. Ramen is growing in popularity worldwide but isn’t well represented across the UK so we wanted to create a brand that would make it accessible to everyone.


“It’s not just about the ramen – we want to have some fun along the way. People may have seen our launch on OnlyFans which was a bit of fun playing with the pun that is our name.”


The Ramen Menu:

Char Siu Pork Belly Ramen (N) – Shoyu broth, char siu pork belly, kale, pickled bamboo shoots, pickled shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, ajitama egg


Shredded Hoisin Duck Ramen (N) – Tan Tan broth, hoisin shredded duck, kale, pickled bamboo shoots, pickled shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, ajitama egg


Karaage Crispy Chicken Ramen (N) – Tori curry broth, karaage crispy chicken, kale, pickled bamboo shoots, pickled shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, ajitama egg


Vegetable Gyoza Ramen (VG) (N) – Miso broth, vegetable gyoza, kale, pickled bamboo shoots, pickled shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, ajitama egg.  *can be made vegan without the ajitama egg.


Send Noods is open Tuesday – Saturday 12PM – 10PM and Sunday 12Pm – 6PM.