Experience the Perfect Summer Pour: Introducing the Delicately Balanced Raspberry & Rose Gin from The Lancaster Spirits Company!

Experience the Perfect Summer Pour: Introducing the Delicately Balanced Raspberry & Rose Gin from The Lancaster Spirits Company!

One of the North West’s most exciting new distilleries has launched its first ever flavoured gin.

Capturing the flavours of summer, the new Raspberry & Rose Gin is the latest creation from The Lancaster Spirits Company, following the launch of international award-winning Firecracker Gin and English Grain Vodka in the autumn of 2022.

Described as “delicately balanced”, the Raspberry & Rose Gin is infused with natural essences, each taking over a month to percolate into the spirit, so that the all-natural flavours can seep out of the raspberries and rose petals, striking the perfect balance between the gin, the tartness of the raspberries and the appley freshness of the rose.

Created by head distiller Gerard Evans, in copper still Rose, the latest launch is available now through the distillery’s website and through selected retailers priced at for £29.00 for 50cl, providing gin fans the opportunity to enjoy this ideal summer pour.

This gin expression isn’t your run of the mill sweet pink gin, it’s bold and juniper forward, with enticing accents of raspberry and rose, which are subtle, natural and balanced on the nose and palate. Perfect for enjoying with a dash of tonic or served with prosecco and soda to create a refreshing summer spritz, just the thing to enjoy on a balmy summer’s evening.

Housed alongside the home of multi-award-winning Lancaster Brewery, The Lancaster Spirits Company is a grain to glass distillery, utilising decades of brewing know-how and painstaking distilling process, to produce premium quality, small-batch gins and vodkas.

The distillery has taken an exceptionally unusual and challenging approach to creating their own base grain spirit, by distilling from their own specially concocted beer made using a secret blend of wheat and rye grains, a two-hundred-year-old Lancastrian live yeast and water drawn from an artesian well. The products have a proud local heritage and uniquely complex flavour profile.

To produce a single drop of The Lancaster Spirits Company gin takes a minimum of five weeks of work. Painstaking, fastidious, complicated work, in proud classically Lancastrian style.

Gerard Evans, The Lancaster Spirits Company’s consultant distiller & non-exec director : “As with everything we produce we’ve given this gin expression our undivided attention to create the perfect pink pour. Summer berry fruit balanced painstakingly with apple freshness from natural rose petals delivers a juniper forward gin which is bursting with subtle but exceptional flavours.’’