London, New York, Paris…Ingleborough? Yorkshire Clothing Brand Boldly Adds Small Town to Fashion’s Big League

London, New York, Paris...Ingleborough? Yorkshire Clothing Brand Boldly Adds Small Town to Fashion's Big League

Ingleborough might not be the location you expect to see alongside fashion greats like London, New York and Paris. But why not, asks Yorkshire clothing brand Glencroft as it launches tongue-in-cheek T-shirt.

Adorned with the words ‘London, New York, Paris, Ingleborough’ on the front and ‘Ingredients: Grass, dry stone walls, hard work, generations’, on the back, this limited-edition T-shirt from Glencroft is both tongue-in-cheek with a semi-serious undertone.

A humourous celebration of Yorkshire, its iconic Dalesbred sheep and work ethic, the T-shirt promotes a sense of Yorkshire pride and the message that Glencroft is serious about fashion and putting Yorkshire on the international fashion map.

The country clothing brand, based in Clapham in the Yorkshire Dales, trades on an increasingly international basis with loyal customers in the US, Japan and Canada to name but a few. Last year, the company exported over £50,000 of its British Wool, sheepskin and tweed products abroad, as it the family-run business adds Ingleborough to the fashion map.

Traditionally known for its warm British Wool jumpers and accessories, Glencroft is branching out into other seasonal wear with this T-shirt, which uses a series of bespoke illustrations of the Dalesbred sheep which dot the local hillsides.

Description automatically generatedEdward Sexton, partner and owner of Glencroft alongside his parents who set up the business over 30 years ago, explains: “We launched this T-shirt because we are so proud of our area and what makes it what it is. For us, based in Clapham, that’s mostly about the green hills that surround us, specked with the Dalesbred sheep breed which is commonly found on the fells of Ingleborough mountain.”

The T-shirt is also about hard work and determination and it is the latter which saw Glencroft launch a unique traceable ‘farm to yarn’ Clapdale wool recently, which gives back to local farmers.

The wool was made from sheep fleece from within five miles of Glencroft and was used to make the Thwaite jumper which launched earlier this year. The yarn also featured on the catwalk at this year’s London Fashion Week. The crocheted jumper was created by The Wool Flower Company and Gracie of London, using Glencroft’s Clapdale Wool, which is certified by British Wool.

Edward concluded: “The launch of the Thwaite jumper earlier this year was a real achievement in traceable, sustainable fashion, so we wanted to give a nod to that with this T-shirt and ask why not Ingleborough too?

“It is already proving to be incredibly popular with tourists and a lot of local people like it too, appreciating that sense of pride we have in our local area, as well as the fun tongue-in-cheek side of it. The question is, who will be the first to be pictured atop Ingleborough in it?”

Glencroft is offering the chance to win one of their British Wool jumpers to wear over the top of the T-shirt, for the first person to send them a picture wearing the limited edition sheep T-shirt on top of Ingleborough.

The light green unisex T-shirt is Fair Trade, made from 100% organic cotton and has been expertly printed in the UK. It retails at £34.95 and is available online at