Liverpool bar launches the UK’s hottest pizza – and it’s free to those who dare to try it


Set those taste buds to DEFCON1…

Liverpool’s Johnny Cash inspired Mean-Eyed Cat bar is calling on the city’s chilli lovers to come and try the aptly named, Ring of Fire, the UK’s hottest pizza. And those who dare will get it completely free!

Launching in celebration of National Pizza Day – on Friday 9th Feb – the pizzas are topped with tomato, mozzarella cheese and a unique chilli sauce blend, which includes PepperX – the globe’s most terrifyingly hot, Guinness World Record-holding, chilli pepper variety which measures an incredible 2.69 Million Scoville Units – a staggering three times hotter than its nearest rival, the Carolina Reaper.

In addition to Pepper X, the signature sauce also contains Melinda’s Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper sauce) as its foundation, boasting a heat index of over 1 million Scoville units, sourced straight from Texas. To this potent base, Mic’s Voodoo Reaper will also be added, a creation from Ireland that includes 50% pure Carolina Reaper Mash. The blend is rounded off with Da Bomb, a notorious sauce known for its appearance on Hot Ones and its ability to overwhelm even the most seasoned spice veterans, including celebrities like Gordon Ramsey and Lewis Capaldi, thanks to its pure capsaicin extract content.

The limited-edition, 10 inch pizzas have been created by Mean-Eyed Cat’s pizza chefs, and Jamie Stephenson, one of the UK’s Hot Sauce Sommelier’s from Some Like It Hot chilli sauce emporium. Aptly – and scarily – named after the famous Johnny Cash song, the pizzas are completely free to the first 250 chilli lovers who sign up and book in to try the pizza – although, they will also have to sign a disclaimer as the pizzas are not for the faint hearted!

Joe McNally, General Manager at Mean-Eyed Cat Liverpool, said: “To celebrate National Pizza Day, we have created the UK’s hottest pizza with our special chilli sauce containing PepperX, as well as Bhut Jolokia chile from Northeast India – to create the fiercest fiery flavour. We are well known for our free no catch pizzas but this one is really something special! Anyone brave enough to try the Ring of Fire is advised to think carefully about their life choices before they bite…”

James Nicolian, director of Some Like it Hot.Shop, said: “This blend of sauces is designed to elevate the pizza to unparalleled levels of spiciness – using the different qualities of individual peppers to create something which combines into an altogether hotter experience. Handle with care and consider yourselves warned – this is only for the bravest chilli enthusiasts.”

The deep south dive bar, located on Seel Street, is well known for its Johnny Cash theme, come in and sin vibe, bottomless cocktail brunches and FREE pizzas which are given out with every drink purchase before 9pm. The bar is much loved by the city’s after work drinkers, students and visitors to the city looking for escapism.

The National Pizza Day offer is part of a series of celebrations to mark Mean-Eyed Cat Liverpool’s first birthday in March.

If you fancy your chances with the Ring of Fire limited-edition pizza, set your taste buds to DEFCON1 and register on the link here….