Ellers Farm Distillery and Theakston Brewery Unveil The Evolution Collection, a Limited-Edition Whisky Journey for Connoisseurs

Ellers Farm Distillery and Theakston Brewery Unveil The Evolution Collection, a Limited-Edition Whisky Journey for Connoisseurs

Ellers Farm Distillery partners with Theakston Brewery to present The Evolution Collection, a rare whisky experience available for pre-order. Limited to 500 sets, this collection showcases the progression of ‘The Bairn’ New Make spirit over 24 months, culminating in a First Release Single Malt Whisky. Crafted with innovation and the expertise of Master Distiller Jamie Baggott, the collection provides an insider’s journey into the whisky-making process, with exclusive aged New Make deliveries leading up to the grand finale in November 2025. Pre-orders also include an annual distillery tour, allowing whisky enthusiasts to witness the meticulous crafting of this Yorkshire whisky.



Ellers Farm Distillery has collaborated with Theakston Brewery to create The Evolution Collection (RRP £500) available for pre-order now at  ellersfarmdistillery.com/evolution-collection.

A limited-edition run of only 500 sets, each Evolution Collection features the ageing New Make spirit – ‘The Bairn’ – bottled at 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, at every stage of its flavour evolution. An individually numbered bottle of First Release Single Malt Whisky follows, in a collector’s gift box with a certificate of authenticity – one of only 1,000.

Beginning life in the pearl barley fields of East Yorkshire, ‘The Bairn’ is made using a carefully crafted Distiller’s Beer, a porter-style beer packed with notes of cherry, ripe bananas and toasted malt, with a sweet and creamy richness. Drawing on the esteemed brewer’s nearly 200 years of brewing heritage, this new English single malt has been crafted to boast maximum flavour from the start, being borne from a flavourful drinkable beer, as opposed to a more traditional rudimentary whisky wash.

Driven by its mission to create a high-quality Yorkshire whisky that not only captures the essence of the region but also stands out in the flourishing English whisky landscape on both national and international stages, the Ellers Farm team – led by Master Distiller Jamie Baggott – has embraced true innovation in the pursuit of liquid perfection. The team uses state-of-the-art handcrafted Italian equipment, including an eight-and-a-half metre high 20-plate column still to bring the maximum amount of the high-quality flavours and a greater degree of control over the alcohol levels and consistency of our flavour profile throughout the distillation run. Copper is also utilised throughout the distillation process to ensure the removal of sulphates and phosphates for a smoother cleaner mouthfeel for the liquid. The New Make is then aged gracefully in first-fill bourbon barrels over three years, to officially become a first release single malt English whisky.

Those who pre-order the exclusive Evolution Collection will be taken on an insider’s journey to experience how this unaged New Make spirit develops, receiving the multi-award-winning 0-Month New Make and 6-Month Aged New Make at purchase, with the 12-Month Aged New Make delivered in May 2024, followed by the 18-Month Aged New Make in November 2024 and the 24-Month Aged New Make in May 2025. Finally, the First Release single malt will be delivered in November 2025.

Each Collection also comes with an annual distillery tour for four at Ellers Farm, to learn how the team is guiding flavour through every step of the single malt’s coming-of-age journey, first hand.

Speaking on the collaboration, Ellers Farm Founder Chris Fraser says; “You could call us biassed, but we’re all really excited at Ellers Farm by what we’ve tasted already as our special liquid ages. Our Evolution Collection has been created to give a small group of whisky lovers a chance to become part of history, and to be a part of our exciting whisky journey with us.” 

Jamie Baggott, Ellers Farm Master Distiller added; “I’ve been distilling for over 15 years and have created numerous award-winning spirits, including Ballykeefe’s first release single malt and triple-pot still Irish whiskies. I’ve taken all my knowledge and experience and put it into creating our new whisky, designing a custom distillery with handbuilt stills from Italy to make it. What excites me the most about what we’re doing today, compared to any that have come before, is that this is the perfect marriage of the very best production methods, with nearly 200 years of brewing experience by the Theakston family. There is no other English whisky like this, by heritage or by process.”

Commenting on the partnership, Simon Theakston – Managing Director at T&R Theakston – commented; “In the brewing industry, it is said that expertise comes with years of practice, but perfection takes a little longer. After nearly 200 years of brewing in Masham, we think we know what it takes to brew the perfect distiller’s beer for our partners, Ellers Farm Distillery. We are at the dawn of a most exciting journey to create a Yorkshire whisky of unimpeachable provenance, authenticity, and character.”

Combining the best ingredients, the best equipment, deep knowledge, passion and patience, delicately guiding flavours at every step, this is a whisky worth waiting for.