Bring life to your student living space with these expert tips

Spruce up your Uni accommodation with these top tips

Leading student accommodation search platform UniHomes teams up with Interior Stylist Laurie Davidson to provide top tips on how students can add character to their living space

July sees thousands of university students across the UK moving into their new student home, excited for a fresh start and a new feeling of independence. Student rentals are set up to be functional and are a blank canvas, waiting for you to add your own personal touch to your living space.

Leading student accommodation search platform UniHomes has partnered up with Interior Stylist Laurie Davidson to provide some easy inspiration on how students can add character and create an aesthetically pleasing living space.

Use your walls

Whether it’s a collection of frames, your own painted motif, or even a collage of photos from nights out, turn your walls into your own work of art. Speak to your landlord and find out if you can decorate – if so, tester pots are great for painting small motifs or designs.

You could even try painting a door frame, window ledge or a scalloped design under the ceiling. If you aren’t able to decorate, I’d recommend using Command M strips to attach (removable) pictures to your walls. Frame everything from photos to posters, flyers to tapestry and add in patterned plates or wall hangings for interest.

Light it up!

Dark or dreary student accommodation can easily be given some extra sparkle, by winding fairy lights over mirrors, along shelves, around stair banisters and over wardrobes. Get ones that plug in, otherwise you’ll be spending a fortune on batteries! Go for lighting in varying heights, with floor lamps adding pools of light to dark corners, plug-in wall lights on shelves, and smaller table lamps on sideboards or cabinets. Don’t forget a good desk lamp for those late-night study sessions.

Update a sofa

Stuck with a sofa that’s seen better days? Invest in some cheap cushions and throws to brighten them up. It’s a great way of adding pattern and print, and if you opt for a mix of sizes and shapes, you can make it extra interesting. Add in the odd one with fringing or tassels, too, and you’ll have a good, varied collection.

Refresh flooring

Flooring looking less than fab? Use rugs to cover as much as you can, layering them to cover a large expanse and opting for washable designs in case of any party-night spills. If budget is a big factor, car-boot sales, freecycle and Gumtree are all good ways of sourcing larger rugs that others no longer want.

Trick the eye

Small spaces can be made to feel larger by using mirrors to reflect light and bounce it around the room. Place them opposite a window, if possible, for best effect and go for one as large as your wall or space will allow – there’s nothing worse than a tiny mirror on a giant wall. Mirrored tiles are a clever way to achieve the look of a large mirror without the cost.

And there you have it! Some simple yet affective tips to make your student home the talk of the campus.

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