Bistrot Pierre Launches Club Bistrot Pierre: A Delectable Membership Offering


French cuisine enthusiasts have a new reason to celebrate as Bistrot Pierre, a beloved high street favorite, introduces an exciting membership offering, inviting diners to indulge in delicious food and drinks while earning rewards. Set to launch its app-based members club, Club Bistrot Pierre, on August 1st, the bistro promises an array of exclusive deals and rewards to members across its 17 locations nationwide.

With Club Bistrot Pierre, diners can earn 5p of Bistrot Pounds for every £1 spent at their local Bistrot, providing a delightful opportunity to enjoy more of their favorite French dishes. Moreover, members will receive special offers and rewards each month, making their culinary experiences even more memorable.

Joining the club is as simple as downloading the new app and checking in on each visit to Bistrot Pierre. Each restaurant check-in will unlock location-specific offers, updated weekly, adding a touch of excitement to every dining experience.

To kick off this exciting venture, the Club Bistrot Pierre app offers a £10 bonus to all customers upon download, redeemable on their second visit for an exquisite feast of French flavors.

The Bistrot Pounds earned by members can be utilized for all food and drink purchases, allowing guests to apply the earned cashback to their bill at any time. Whether they choose to redeem all their pounds or use a certain amount, the flexibility ensures a delightful dining experience.

As an extra treat, each member will receive a special “a la Français” gift of their choice on their birthday every year. With Bistrot Pounds never expiring as long as diners visit once every six months, members can continue to savor the culinary delights of Bistrot Pierre with the assurance of ongoing benefits.

Nick White, CEO of Bistrot Pierre, expresses his excitement about the launch of Club Bistrot Pierre, viewing it as an opportunity for guests to enjoy affordable, high-quality French cuisine while earning money back. He says, “This new scheme will give our members the opportunity to enjoy delicious, high-quality, affordable food, and earn money back, at a time when many are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.”

With weekly deals and exclusive member events hosted at all 17 locations across the UK, Club Bistrot Pierre promises to elevate the dining experience and provide added perks to its cherished members.

To be a part of this delectable journey and unlock the exclusive benefits, visit to learn more about Bistrot Pierre and the Club Bistrot Pierre membership. Book a table today to embark on a delightful gastronomic adventure and experience the true essence of French cuisine.