Beavertown Brewery Launches ‘Oil Your Neck’ Sunscreen to Protect Leeds Beer Drinkers

Beavertown Brewery Launches 'Oil Your Neck' Sunscreen to Protect Leeds Beer Drinkers

When the sun graces Leeds with its warm rays, Loiners (residents of Leeds) can’t help but bask in its glory. As soon as it appears, the call to head to the nearest beer garden becomes irresistible. With a cold beer in hand, people say phrases like “Well, this is the life,” or “It’s like being in Spain,” reveling in the joy of the summer sun. However, despite their love for the giant ball of blazing gas in the sky, many in Leeds fail to protect themselves from its scorching rays.

To help the people of Leeds avoid sunburn this summer, Beavertown Brewery has come to the rescue with its very own sunscreen called ‘Oil Your Neck.’ This SPF 50 UVA and UVB sunscreen, created in partnership with LifeJacket Skin Protection, is targeted at beer drinkers who can’t resist enjoying an al fresco pint. Free sachets of ‘Oil Your Neck’ sunscreen will be available with pints of Beavertown Brewery’s flagship beer, Neck Oil IPA, at Leeds’ Hyde Park Pub. The brewery hopes to remind beer lovers to use skin protection while they savor their summer pints.

The initiative comes after new research commissioned by Beavertown Brewery revealed that only 16% of Leeds residents always wear skin protection while enjoying a drink in the sun. Shockingly, 45% of people in Leeds have experienced sunburn while sitting outside in a pub garden.

The study also highlighted the top three areas most prone to sunburn while relaxing in a beer garden: the face, neck, and shoulders. Despite this, sitting in a pub garden ranks as one of the best summer activities for 51% of Loiners.

To combat this issue, Beavertown Brewery is installing free dispensers of ‘Oil Your Neck’ sunscreen in the pub garden. Each sachet or pump contains 5ml of sunscreen, specifically designed for targeted application to areas like the face, neck, or arms.

Tom Rainsford, Beavertown Brewery’s Marketing Director, stated, “Summer is one of the best feelings in the world, and even better when you’ve got a pint in your hand… less so when you’re sunburnt.” He emphasized the brewery’s commitment to sun safety by providing free sunscreens in pub gardens across the UK to encourage better sun protection habits.

Gill Nuttall, CEO and founder of Melanoma UK, expressed her support for the initiative and praised the partnership between Melanoma UK and Beavertown Brewery. The goal is to raise awareness of sunscreen usage and sunburn prevention, especially among young adults and men, who are challenging audiences to educate on the risks of sunburn.

LifeJacket Skin Protection, the partner for ‘Oil Your Neck’ sunscreen, provides high-performance SPF 50+ Sun Gel for the sachets and dispensers. The British brand aims to combat the increase in skin cancer cases, one of the world’s most common and preventable cancers.

Billy Boulos, Co-founder of LifeJacket Skin Protection, expressed delight in collaborating with Beavertown Brewery to promote skin protection. He encouraged people to get outside, enjoy their activities, but also take the necessary steps to protect their skin.

‘Oil Your Neck’ sunscreen is launching at Hyde Park, Leeds, and the brewery will also give away 2,000 sachets with orders from their webshop for a limited time. The initiative is part of Beavertown Brewery’s commitment to sun safety and protecting beer drinkers as they savor their pints under the sun.