Alnwick Castle Hosts Heritage Skills Weekend for an Insight into Historic Restoration


Alnwick Castle, a 950-year-old historic site, is hosting a heritage skills weekend on September 16 and 17, showcasing the techniques used to maintain and restore the castle. Visitors will gain insights from expert teams responsible for the castle’s upkeep, learning about specialist skills needed for historic building preservation. Interactive demonstrations, including medieval tile making and modern restoration techniques, will allow guests to experience the full range of construction methods used at the castle.

The techniques needed to maintain and restore the historic Alnwick Castle will be put on show for visitors in a special heritage skills weekend to be hosted at the castle.

Taking place on the weekend of September 16 and 17, the event will give special insights from the expert teams who keep the 950-year-old castle in tip-top condition.

The repair and maintenance of historic buildings requires specialist skills and typically includes maintaining as much of the original character and authenticity as possible, reproducing materials, and replicating traditional techniques.

Visitors will get to experience the full range of construction methods used at Alnwick Castle including an interactive demonstration of medieval tile making, using replica tools and equipment and traditional materials and an insight into the hidden meanings of medieval tile designs and images.

In addition to learning about the history of the site, visitors will be able to try their hand at the restoration of historic properties using modern techniques, including stone cutting and lime mortar repointing.

As well as being a peek behind the curtains at what it takes to look after a major heritage attraction, it is also hoped the weekend might inspire interest from visitors in learning more about traditional construction techniques.

Catherine Neil, Head of Alnwick Castle Ventures, said: “The Heritage Skills weekend will be a great way for visitors to gain more insight into the restoration of Alnwick Castle and the work that is going on to preserve this historic environment for future generations.

“As well as being a fun event to look at how the castle is built and maintained, we also hope it might inspire a few people to consider learning the sort of traditional skills that are so important not just to the castle but to built heritage across the region.”

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