Lewis Capaldi’s latest video supports Manchester charity who help domestic violence survivors

Naima Ben-moussa

Lewis Capaldi’s latest video to accompany ‘A Cure For Minds Unwell’ tells the story of Naima Ben-moussa a female plasterer who redecorates the homes of domestic abuse survivors for free and who is the founder of Rebuilding Lives UK a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable women and children impacted by domestic abuse.

The video, available to watch on Lewis Capaldi’s official YouTube channel (here) is a powerful message to all about the resilience of the human spirit. The track comes from his second album ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’.

Naima Ben-moussa’s life story is marked by unimaginable challenges yet her triumphant founding of Rebuilding Lives UK serves as the narrative backbone of the video. Through her eyes, we see the pain, the fight, and ultimately, the emergence of a warrior dedicated to supporting others on their journey to rebuild their lives. Naima was chosen for Lewis’ video through her willingness to share her story – not something many domestic abuse survivors can do.

She set the charity Rebuilding Lives UK up on the back of her ability to provide domestic repairs to the houses of women and children affected by domestic abuse, having trained as a plasterer. In addition to providing vital repairs, Naima and the charity provide potentially lifesaving personal and home security products to women at risk of violence.

Following media interviews and her being hailed as the hero ‘Lady In Red’, Naima’s charity gained attention and valuable donations for her to expand the support they provide. This is what caught Lewis’ attention – as a supporter of charities and those who will openly tell their stories to encourage others that… ‘you CAN through the darkest of times’.

And while the charity has an impressive backing from supporters including Jeremy Vine and ambassador Nina Hossain, Naima’s charity is still in its infancy – and needs valuable donations so that she and her team of volunteers can continue to help others.

Commenting, Naima says: “I cannot begin to say how overwhelmed I am that Lewis Capaldi chose me to be the face of his latest video for A Cure For Minds Unwell, which tells my story that I hope will ultimately help save lives.

“His lyrics about mental health struggles say so much about what I think so many of us feel, and his line about ‘smiling while I’m hiding what I’m going through’ is extremely powerful to me.
“No one should ‘struggle sleeping cos the house feels haunted filled with the shadows of regret and the things I should have said’.

“I’m so proud to be part of this song and to be able to convey my story – that there is hope, and there is survival, to anyone, not just domestic abuse survivors but anyone who feels that they simply can’t cope or who have minds unwell.

“Lewis Capaldi is truly an inspiration to us all and thank you – for allowing me to be part of this, and for supporting anyone who might be going through domestic abuse. Help is there – even though so many people don’t know where to turn; hope for me is that through raising awareness we, and other charities like us, can help people come through the bad times because you know help is there. Please seek out the help.”

Naima is hoping that with Lewis’ help, in telling her story of how you can rebuild your life with support, that people will feel compelled to donate to her charity Rebuilding Lives UK and help vulnerable women and children who have experienced abuse and violence.

The charity focuses on providing security measures to women who have experienced and are at risk of violence. It works closely with fellow organisations supporting women who are experiencing domestic abuse by providing repairs within homes damaged by abusers and much needed security to help to make families feel safe. It gives survivors the foundations they need to feel safe, strong and hopeful.

More information on Naima’s experiences and how people can help is available on the website www.rebuildinglives-uk.org where it is easy to make a donation to support the charity with much needed funds.