True Extent of Student Anxiety Revealed in Global Study


Over half of students in the UK have become more anxious since leaving home for further education

47% admit to being worried about finding a job when leaving university or college

Climate change cited as the UK’s biggest societal issue by students

Climate change (75%), the wealth divide (52%) and diversity, equality and inclusion (44%) have been cited as the biggest societal issues the world is currently facing according to students in the UK.

The research was conducted as part of the launch of Yugo, the first global student housing operator created to enhance students’ experiences throughout and beyond university life.
The research included several studies, exploring the views of over 10,000 students across nine operating markets around the world.

It has revealed the scale of student anxiety, as well as the extent to which students want to change the world for the better.

Today’s generation of students expressed their passion for leading more sustainable lives, with over half (57%) stating they would pay more for a product if it was better for the environment than a competitors’.

A quarter (24%) claim they’ve cut out plastic to minimise their environmental impact, and a shocking 65% say they would even have fewer children if it helped the planet.

Responding to the call for a more sustainable student living experience, Yugo pledges to eliminate single-use plastics in its living spaces, supply sustainably sourced furniture and to educate students on energy usage and sustainable living.

A quarter (26%) of students admit they were scared when it came to moving away from home for the first time and 37% find budgeting difficult when living away from home.

Almost half (47%) also stated that they’re worried about finding a job after university, which is why Yugo’s student-led approach will involve offering training, workshops and internships that enable social and economic mobility and opportunity.

Mental wellbeing was also revealed to have been negatively impacted during university, with 24% of UK students saying their state of mind had deteriorated since moving away from home.

Over half (52%) said they have become more anxious, with a third losing confidence as a result.

Yugo will seek to address these issues by providing students with opportunities to share and lead holistic living programs that encourage balance, inclusion and community.

Richard Brenner, Operations Director, Europe at Yugo, said: “As the demand for access to higher education continues to increase, so does the need to support students to live their best lives. Yugo will innovate student living by combining a deep understanding of the sector and extensive research with lessons learned from students over the last three decades globally.

“We don’t just provide bricks and mortar; we provide the foundations for students to grow from. It’s our duty to prepare those who live with us for their next chapter – that’s why we’ll source at least 25% of our Yugo teams as students by 2025 offering them real life experiences. We’ve also launched our very own student council – ‘The Yugo Movement’ – which will provide a platform for students to play their role in eliminating single use plastics in our spaces and this will help them develop critical professional skills as they transition from a student to a professional.”

Yugo’s unique approach

At Yugo, students are empowered to grow personally through collaborative events and projects under the Live Your Best Life program – a holistic living experience developed from the Yugo research of thousands of students worldwide. This program supports students through three pillars based on sustainability – YugoEco, education – YuPro, personal development – YuGrow, to deliver on their needs and expectations.

1. YugoEco will see Yugo coming together with students to create better living spaces and a better planet through several initiatives. These include low energy usage programs, a collaboration with the Carbon Literacy Project, on the importance of living more sustainable lives for students and global partnerships with like-minded businesses for events, education and student experiences.

2. YuPro is all about empowering young people beyond higher education and to help prepare them for their careers. To show commitment to YuPro, Yugo is launching its own student council, ‘The Yugo Movement’, where students will be given one mission – to eliminate single use plastic in our spaces. Yugo is also offering training sessions in areas such as CV writing, career advice, real life experience, coaching and empowerment.

3. YuGrow will encourage Yugo students to shine by supporting their personal journey through events and activities in Yugo spaces, including student podcasts, diversity events and global student networking opportunities. Yugo also pledges to provide students with the best and most sustainably sourced chair and bed – these were key findings from the Yugo research as critical to their life to support both their physical environment and their emotional needs.