New art installation at Wellington Place showcases designs from Leeds Art University Student

Daria Kowalczyk with her Art Installation at Wellington Place

Following the successful launch of The Artist’s Window earlier this year, Developer and Asset Manager, MEPC is showcasing a second art installation at 4 Wellington Place.

The community initiative, working alongside Leeds Arts University, was set up to help support the creative talent in Leeds by providing a platform through which they could bring their visions to life.

The second installation to be revealed, created by 3rd year Visual Communication student Daria Kowalczyk, has been created digitally, in an illustrative-style and eye-catching design that is both colourful and detail-oriented – capturing the characteristic features of the area.

Inspired by Wellington Place itself, Daria focused her design on the well-designed, dynamic and sustainable office spaces. The artwork aims to seize the attention of both people from the art community, as well as casual passers-by – encouraging onlookers to take time to notice their surroundings.

Four winning designs were chosen from over 30 entries, and the successful artists will have their pieces on display on a rotational basis, having been selected by a panel of judges.
Competition winning artist Daria Kowalczyk, said:

“I was delighted to find out I was one of the four winners! The fact that it was my first ever big opportunity to showcase my work made me realise the amazing impact my art can have on people. I feel grateful to have all my efforts appreciated and to get such support from professionals. I consider this experience to be a huge step forwards towards developing my career in the creative industry.

“I believe it’s important for businesses like MEPC to support the creative community in Leeds, because it allows for diversity and inclusion in the Leeds art scene – it also gives young creatives like myself a chance to get their art displayed and noticed by others.

Thanks to the generous support of MEPC, all the incredible work of the designers can be shared with the wider public, and that can open the door to many fruitful opportunities in the future!”

Dominique Simcox, Head of Customer Experience at MEPC, added:

“The Artist’s Window has been a fantastic addition to Wellington Place – it’s such an eye-catching space which gives people the opportunity to reconnect with art and culture in a unique way. We were so impressed with Daria’s creative interpretation of Wellington Place; it perfectly captures the character of the place.

“It’s great to be able to showcase talented artists in the local area – we hope everyone loves the new addition!”

The Artist’s Window can be found in the window of the latest building to be completed at the development – 4 Wellington Place.