Nature activities you can do with the kids at home


Although we may be stuck indoors for the time being, nature still surrounds us all every day.

And with all this extra time we are spending at home, now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the extra family time and gives us uninterrupted time for us to explore the world on our doorsteps. Whether it’s out in your garden or on the route of a daily walk, spring is in full swing and there is plenty to see and do!

Woodland conservation charity the Woodland Trust has put together a nature activities for kids series to share fun ideas for families to make the most of nature while staying home. But please do remember to follow the Government guidelines on social distancing, unnecessary travel and daily exercise.

1. Can you spot the signs of spring?

Spring is providing us all with some much-needed cheer, but how many spring sights are you able to spot in the garden or out and about during your daily exercise? This is a great way to teach your youngsters about the ever changing seasons and it keeps them engaged whilst out on a walk. Why not make a list before you go out? Keep your eyes peeled and try and tick off as many as you can.

Can you spot:

  1. Beautiful blossom falling like confetti
  2. Buzzing bumblebees
  3. Spring flowers swaying in the breeze
  4. A butterfly taking a rest on a leaf
  5. Ladybirds crawling in the grass
  6. New leaves bursting out of buds

2. Make a birthday blossom card

Beautiful blossom is bursting into bloom on trees everywhere now, so why not encourage the children to get crafty by making a blossom card? If it’s a sunny day you could also get busy with painting outdoors. Simply glue a fallen twig to the front of some folded card and dab pink and white splodges along the branches to make your blossom. You could also save it to post to a loved one for their upcoming birthday where you may not be able to see them.

3. Pretend to be nature pirates

How much hidden treasure can you fit in a miniature treasure chest? Try searching for tiny natural items in your garden and see who can fit the most inside a matchbox or similar small container. Keep your eyes peeled for mini discarded snail shells, tiny twigs, small shiny pebbles and little petals and leaves. If the kids want to get competitive, try setting a time limit and see who wins!

4. Paint a picture for your neighbours

Have you and the children decorated your windows yet? We’ve seen some lovely examples of beautiful window displays of rainbows and other cheery scenes to boost morale in local communities. It’s a wonderful idea to keep little ones of all ages busy so get your family to have a go too.

Why not draw, paint or use craft or natural materials to create a nature scene which you can place in your window to cheer up your neighbours or people passing by on their daily exercise. You could even change it on a weekly basis – like your own mini art gallery.

5. Put pen to paper and get inspired

Children of all ages will enjoy a challenge so inspire them with the natural world and ask them to write a poem about spring. Whatever else is happening in the world, it’s still the busiest time of the year for nature, so don’t miss what’s going on in your garden – or outdoors on your daily exercise. Record it forever in verse and then share it with a friend or family member to brighten their day.

We hope these fun ideas help pass the time while your children are at home.