A new 20-minute virtual reality arcade game: Doctor Who: The Edge of Time launches on Doctor Who Day

Arcades across the country will offer players the opportunity to pilot the iconic TARDIS and come face to face with classic and new monsters in mind-blowing virtual reality

Maze Theory, developers of the new feature length VR game Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, and the show’s producer BBC Studios, have created a version of the game specifically for arcades.

This will give all fans and VR enthusiasts the opportunity to visit breath-taking worlds and come face to face with classic Doctor Who monsters.

Arcades are located across the UK. A full list of participating outlets can be viewed here  https://www.doctorwhotheedgeoftime.com/arcade

The game creators have been inundated with requests from excited fans and VR lovers, who don’t yet have headsets, but are desperate to experience the world-famous Doctor Who universe in virtual reality.

So, they listened and created a high octane 20-minute version of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time which will launch on the official ‘Doctor Who Day’, 23rd November. It features three levels modified from the game to give players a mind-blowing 20-minute experience.

Players can travel through the iconic Doctor Who title sequence and time vortex and explore the TARDIS, a dream-come-true for Doctor Who fans! They will also come face-to-face with Weeping Angels. A horrific nightmare come true in the VR experience; these have made a huge impact on fans so far. Plus, they can pilot a Dalek through a Dalek Shooter level, fighting against drones and other iconic aliens.

The game is designed for ease of use and is suitable for players of all ages. The Doctor Who franchise – a firm family favourite – has more than 100 million fans worldwide.

Maze Theory CEO, Ian Hambleton, says: “As we’ve been making the feature length game, we have engaged with fans who are desperate to try it out.

Our aim is to make it possible for anyone, including those that don’t have VR, to step inside the show, collude with the Doctor and experience first-hand what it’s like to pilot the TARDIS and come face-to-face with the show’s terrifying monsters and aliens.

We firmly believe VR is the future of entertainment as it offers unparalleled opportunities for people to immerse themselves in incredible adventures. It’s truly mind-blowing – if a little terrifying in parts!”

Bradley Crooks, Global Head of Games & Interactive at BBC Studios said: “We’re excited that from 23rd November, Doctor Who Day, fans will be able to enjoy an arcade version of Edge of Time in VR arcades around the world. Whilst the full game will be widely available for those with VR headsets the arcade version will let anyone try the experience.”