Shoppers at Trinity Leeds can enjoy a game of shuffleboard as two 16-foot Grand Champion SHUFL tables have arrived at Trinity Kitchen.

The shuffleboards – believed to be the first of their kind for a UK retail centre – are available now, located next to Pho and the new self-serve beer wall from Beer Hawk.

Shuffleboard players can book the tables via Beer Hawk staff, who will take game play payments on behalf of Trinity Leeds.

Trinity Kitchen Business Manager Josie Towning said: “Trinity Kitchen offers a fresh, exciting mix of street food vendors and we were looking for ways to further engage our customers, drive our night-time economy and compete with the vibrant Leeds nightlife scene.

“SHUFL’s premium social gaming and Beer Hawk’s innovative self-serve beer wall offer exactly the kind of interactive, memorable experience that our customers are looking for on a night out.”

SHUFL marketing manager Samantha Catford said: “This partnership demonstrates just how far we’ve come in terms of how and where next-generation consumers choose to spend their leisure time.  It really comes down to offering customers an authentic, premium experience.”

The SHUFL quick guide:

What’s shuffleboard?

  • A competitive game of skill that shares elements of curling, bowls and petanque.  Players slide metal pucks along the playing surface towards the opposite score zones, with points awarded for accuracy.

Who can play?

  • Anyone.  It’s an inclusive game that doesn’t discriminate – young and old, male and female, novice and pro, wheelchair users and able-bodied – with up to 8 players able to play in each game.

SHUFL speak

  • Puck off – to start a game
  • Pucker up – grab a puck
  • Sip n slide – our recommended playing stance with a hand wrapped firmly around your favourite drink.
  • A hanger – the perfect five-pointer or maximum score that one puck can earn coming to rest hanging off the edge of the table
  • A curve shot – an advanced play move where you shoot from the edge of the table and use the precision-engineered curve – exclusive to SHUFL tables – to wind your way down to the scoring zone.