Scouse Bird opens shop in Crosby village

Steph Bannister, aka Scouse Bird Problems, outside her new premises in Crosby Village.
Steph Bannister, aka Scouse Bird Problems, outside her new premises in Crosby Village.

Regionally-renowned blogger and media personality Steph Bannister, aka Scouse Bird Problems, has launched opened shop in Crosby Village.

The Liverpudlian influencer made her start as an anonymous social media blogger and took the Mersey by storm, becoming an overnight sensation with her hilarious, relatable posts about life as a “Scouse Bird”.

The Scouse Bird Shop will stock the full range of Scouse Bird merchandise, including her famous diaries, Scouse mugs and loads of quirky, innovative gifts from other local entrepreneurs.

The Crosby shop is Steph’s second premises in Merseyside and follows on from the popularity of her Aintree store. She also opened a hair and beauty salon last year, which will be moving to Crosby in the near future and will be located next door but one to the shop.

Steph said: “I’m so excited to be moving to Crosby. I’ve been running this business for nearly seven years now but only opened up a physical location about 18 months ago.

“It’s been like starting all over again to be honest, there’s so much I’ve had to learn but now I can take what I know and make this shop even better. It’s the same with the salon, I had no experience in that field, just an idea that I had to run with and learn from.

“It’s one of my new year’s goals to throw myself into the local community and make it better. I hope this will be the first step. There’s a totally different vibe here in Crosby than in some other parts of Liverpool, it’s really friendly, welcoming and supportive and I want to inject my own brand of fun and energy here.

“I’m very proud of how far I’ve come and I feel that this second opening is the next step in taking my business to a whole different level. I like to try and represent the everyday Scouse woman and I feel like I’m living proof that if you work hard, you can achieve anything!”

Steph’s accounts of life as a Scouse bird can be found on Twitter and Instagram @scousebirdblogs and on her website.