Charity Be-GINs at G & Tea Time in Leeds

Charity Be-GINs at G & Tea Time in Leeds

What if you could drink gin and not feel guilty about it the day after? Here’s your chance: instead of nursing a hangover, gin lovers are invited to join Tailors G & Tea Fest fundraising event at their speakeasy in Leeds Grand Arcade. The event, which takes place on Thursday 21st February, is in aid of the UK brain tumour support charity – brainstrust.

The gin-tacular event takes place at Tailors speakeasy, which will run from 4pm ‘till late. The festivities are part of an annual nationwide campaign by the charity – brainstrust encouraging supporters around the UK to hold fundraising gin and tea parties to raise awareness and support for over 60,000 affected by brain tumours in the UK.

Many brain tumour sufferers can end up feeling isolated due to fatigue, loss of mobility or a lack of understanding about the issue from their community. The event at Tailors speakeasy and those others around the country is to raise awareness of how challenging, frightening and lonely it can be to have a brain tumour, and to create a space for those with the illness to socialise and feel supported.

Tailors speakeasy will transport people back in time to a lively Prohibition shindig. Guests will be encouraged to take on a stylish new persona by rummaging through the bar’s infamous 1920s vintage costume box for the evening.

Attendees can expect delicious Tailors G&Ts, as well as teacup cocktails, including the Tailors Gin Fizz and the exclusive Tailors Gin brainstrust Bramble  – created for the event.

For those who are off the hard stuff there will be good old fashioned Yorkshire Tea on tap, as well as fancy mocktails. Local drink-makers Temperance Spirit Company will also be joining in with the event, serving free samples of Teetotal G&Ts on the night, an alcohol free substitute so convincing it could fool even the most avid gin-lover.

There will also be a chance to take home some snazzy memorabilia. Tailors will be holding a vintage teapot charity auction on the night, as well as a fundraising raffle with fantastic prizes, including a bottle of Tailors Gin.

Ryan Judson, Community Fundraiser at brainstrust, commented: “We are really excited about Tailors G&T Fest event. Getting together for a drink with friends is something that we often take for granted, and that can become a lot more difficult after a brain tumour diagnosis.”

“This event at Tailors provides a safe space for the community to come and enjoy a drink together, and an opportunity for people to show their support. Whether you’re affected by a brain tumour yourself, or you just want to show your support, it promises to be a great night for a good, old-fashioned G&T – or a cuppa!”

Jamila Juma-Ware, PR & Events Director at Creative Marmalade and co-owner at Tailors, who has organised the event said “Tailors speakeasy, is looking forward to having a chance to make a positive impact on the lives of the people whom brainstrust supports. We want to create the perfect environment for those who might have found getting out and socialising difficult recently, and what better way to do that, than to immerse yourself in an experience.”

“We’ve found the idea of dress-up and scene setting in a new and unique environment, helps people to let their guard down, and socialise as we did in the good old days, before phones and tech took over. People step into the bar, and instantly strike up conversations with other groups of people centred around dressing up. You can walk into the bar alone, or with friends, and have a great social connection”.

Donations will be taken for brainstrust throughout the evening and a percentage of everything sold will go directly to the charity. The bar will be taking donations over the weekend too, for those who can’t make the event but want to get involved.

Tickets to Tailors G or Tea Fest are free but limited, so those wanting to attend are advised to book fast to avoid disappointment: get GINspired and join us in letting the 60,000 people living with a brain tumour know they’re not alone.